New Products
Complete set of Spinbond Nonwoven Equipment
New Type Automatic Viscose Semi-Continuous Spinner JT/HD
Multi-unit Computer Controlled Inverter Driving System
State Technique Innovation Project-Roving Machine FA491
State Technique Innovation Project-New type Automatic winder
Jingwei Textile Machinery Stock Co., LTD. Yuci Branch
Qingdao Textile Machinery Works
Zhengzhou Textile Machinery CO.,LTD.
Hengyang Textile Machinery Manufactory
Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co.,LTD.
Changde Textile Machinery Co., LTD.
Foshan Textile Machinery
Changzhou Textile Instruments Factory co.,LTD.
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  Meltblown line of 2.4m passed the trial run
  Completion of the Project of Virescence
  News about continuous viscose filament spinners
  The progress of the experimental base
  NCSM continuous viscose filament spinner


Enterprise Culture
Company's strategy: Market as guidance, benefit as center, innovation as impetus, high-tech products as support, going the opening and high-tech way of development
Company's logic: Trust, Union, Innovation, High efficiency
Company's mission: Accelerate development and progress of national textile industry; Improve market competition of national textile industry

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